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Make the Most of Change

My belief in the wisdom of taking leaps is reflected in my many flights of faith and career decisions through the years.

I am still taking leaps in the stage of life known as the "Third Act." And while I am a firm believer in the seed of truth in the Zen proverb that says nets will appear or wings will grow, I have also learned that we have a hand in making the most of the changes in our lives.

Understanding the psycho-social dynamics of our transition process, including the grief and sorrow of loss and letting go, can help us land in one piece and grow those new wings we will need to soar.

Being intentional as we move through uncertainty and managing our transitions better positions us to maximize change, however uncomfortable it may be. In seeking reinvention, people often ask what is the key to success.

There is not one magic key. But the more mindful we are in the management of our transitions, the greater the likelihood of our growth and development through the process; also, the better we position ourselves to launch our fresh starts and new beginnings.

To find out more about how my spiritlinking executive-life coaching services can help you make the most of the changes in your life and career, book a session!


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