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My Services


Premier coaching packages are customized for  seasoned leaders, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, and faith leaders, seeking to change themselves, their workplaces and career path. These clients often are trying to reimagine their next step and identity as they mature through disruption such as workplace shifts, job loss, and retirement planning.      



  • Customized one-on-one private sessions

  • Workshops, and group presentations 

  • Boutique services available that include: 

  • Strategic advisement and planning

  • Fundamental of Personal brand identity

  • Skill assessment 

  • Transition management

  • Crisis communication 

  • Faith support and connection 

The art of  remembering and storytelling combined with  your inner wisdom is a powerful vehicle for building spiritual and self awareness, relationships, and community.  Using biblical texts, writing, family history, and memoir, I design programs and workshops to facilitate and promote soul care, wellness and healing.   

Plug Into the Power of Your Faith 

Link and Align with Your Soul Passion
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

  • Group sessions & workshops including

  • Journal writing

  • The power of forgiveness

  • Aging with fire

  • Sacred listening & storytelling circles 

Living, and leading others for the greatest good, takes courage and motivation. In today's increasingly complex world, we need  diverse skills,  tools, and resources to be inspired and  stay motivated.  We receive information, learn, and  grow through different pathways.  My ministry services  can also be engaged  here: 



Available for: 

  • Preaching Engagements

  • Women's Events 

  • Panels 

  • Presentations

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