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Living and leading others for the greatest good takes courage and compassion.  Leadership is a a sacred trust. We are most effective when we are connected to the deep purpose of the  work and our lives and work. To whom much is given, much is required.  Mere mortals on big missions often run the risk of burnout, compassion fatigue and physical illnesses. As we plug into our true power, we must also learn to take proper care of our  minds, bodies and souls. 

Janet Davenport Strategist


Specializing in:

  • Brand Counseling & Development

  • Strategic Messaging & Framing

  • Organizational Planning  & Development



Whether you are an individual, an institution or an enterprise,  your story starts with your brand; who you are, what stand for and how you keep your promise. Strong brands are built on clear visions, values and missions. 

As a minister, inspirational speaker and  writer, I know the transformative power of storytelling and writing because it is a tool that healed and enriched my life! The art of  storytelling combined with  the wisdom of memory is a powerful for connecting  us to the  sacred and reminding us of 

our purpose in life. 


where story, sacred & memory meet

Sample Training, Workshops & Presentation Topics

  • Aging with Grace 

  • Rewrite Your Past andHeal Your Present

  • How to Tell Your Heart Story

  • Sacred Listening Circles

  • Rediscovering Yourself in Family Stories


Specializing in:


  • One-on-One & Group Leadership Development & Support

  • Soul & Self Care Counseling & Training  

  • Sacred Listening 


My eyes were opened at an early to the richness of life as an army brat who lived abroad and different American communities. From  my journey as an award-winning journalist and thought  leader to the pulpit as a minister and preacher in the A.M.E. Zion Church, I  know first -hand the transformative power of hope, love and community. I deliver  message of hope, love, healing and renewal.  My talks focus on  resiliency, community,  faith  and personal empowerment .  


Sample Topics 


  • Refiring instead of Retiring 

  • Reinventing Yourself & Career

  • Turning Wounds into Wisdom

  • ICultivating an Agile Mindset 

  • Play it Forward by Reaching Back

  • The Art of Forgiveness 

  • Ancestral Healing