Failure is neither obscene or fatal.  Yet, the fear of it can alter every choice we make and kill our hopes and dreams. Everybody makes mistakes. Like toddlers learning to walk, missteps and stumbles teach us how to pick ourselves up.

But when we deal with our mistakes...

Bullying has no place in a healthy home or workplace. It often shows up in its less blatant, more passive-aggressive form in families and social and work situations. Psychologists call it emotional or psychological manipulation. By any name, it can cause serious harm t...

Frequently, the most worthwhile causes and brands have more passion than budget to promote their message. I once worked with a small, plucky organization faced with this dilemma. It wanted to get valuable information into the hands of the most consumers as possible in...

As more organizations, both in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, seek to elevate their brands and reach far wider audiences with their stories and news, they are recognizing the value of making marketing and public relations key parts of their business plans.

Many u...

February 15, 2018

Dreams and wishful thinking are one thing. Setting goals and following through on the work necessary to accomplish them are quite another. In the clamorous and noisy 24/7 world of communications, being a good strategic planner will set you free.The effort you put into...

It’s a wonder there aren’t more great leaders than there are. The gap sure isn’t for lack of leadership training opportunities, including professional coaches and ever expanding materials on the topic.

They’re in abundance and more available than ever to us thanks...

It works like a charm. Too bad  the word "no" is associated with such negativity.  It may make us uncomfortable, but few words provide more freedom. Saying “no” can reduce stress and improve productivity. Yet, we avoid saying it, allowing ourselves to be pulled into to...

Health problems and our own bodies are stark reminders of the fate that awaits the accouterments of the physical world.

Our inner realms, however, offer a vast resource for restoration and renewal.

Be sure you don't miss the opportunities. 

Listen to your wake-u...

The inward journey sheds light. It also casts shadows. If you’re passionate, if you're mission-driven and see yourself on a path, you will eventually discover all roads lead home. In other words, true change is an inward deal. Or, as Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet...

February 15, 2018

Teenagers aren’t the only ones struggling with social pressure.  The need for approval from others is a pattern many adults drag into adulthood. When we make decisions out of the fear of being judged harshly by others, we place more weight on our shoulders than we’re m...

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February 15, 2018

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