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Janet Davenport 

Executive-Life Coach. Ordained Minister.Strategic Advisor

My Story

My Story

Welcome!  If you're an experienced leader looking for customized coaching to help you turn the page to a new chapter in a purposeful and fulfilling life, buckle up and get ready to roll!  My coaching can help you make sure your next steps align with your faith and  values. 


I founded DCS in 2014 to help equip leaders trying to make a positive impact in the world. Many of my clients are seeking fulfillment as they shift gears and enter into their third acts, all while staying true to their highest beliefs and principles. 


They either own or  lead  businesses, or serve as leaders in secular as well as faith-based organizations and initiatives. They are delighted to find an executive-life coach who "gets it" and "gets them" beyond their titles and positions. 


With an ever- expanding  pool of coaches from which to chose these days,  they can trust they're working with a grounded professionally certified coach who is not only intuitive but also has the wisdom, knowledge and skills that come from 40+ years of holding it down and handling business in the real world.


To Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required
I have worn many hats: entrepreneur and spiritual leader, communication and marketing executive, award-winning writer and journalist. But wait, there's more. I started my career as a pre-school teacher and social worker.


I have served as an editorial page editor and writer at two major New England newspapers, a vice president at a statewide healthcare foundation, and a chief marketing officer (CMO) in higher education. I am a natural-born mentor; a teacher and a preacher, a mother, grandmother, sister, auntie, and friend. 


In my fifties, I overcame a crippling fear of heights when I walked across the seven swinging bridges hanging from trees 30 feet above the jungle at Kakum National Park Canopy in Ghana, Africa. These days, almost a year after back-to-back hip replacement surgeries, I am thrilled to be walking my favorite river trail in Connecticut again.


No life experience is wasted, including our fears, struggles and suffering. Whether wrestling with personal, career, or faith issues, we each have a deep-well of God-given gifts and talents from which to draw. Spirituality, also known as the inward journey, and faith are central to my story of service and servant-leadership, starting at an early age. 


Rolling Stones Gain Valuable Lessons    

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I began my early education in Munich, Germany and moved around a lot as a result of my father's military career. It was nothing to switch schools in the middle of the school year back in those days. It was, at times, traumatic and disorienting. 


Little did I know my disruptive, nomadic childhood was giving me a world-class education in human behavior, history, and culture. It sowed the seeds of many of my personal and professional attributes as a progressive and empathetic yet pragmatic leader.


Emotional intelligence, resiliency and adaptability formed my professional platform before they became corporate buzzwords. Integrity and accountabiity, along with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEIJ+) have also been key reference points.      


Coach Rev_edited.jpg

My Coaching Pilot License & Passport

I am a licensed and ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church where  I serve as the  director of spiritual formation  at a local  church in  Connecticut.


For  those who care about such things, my education and training travels include: 


  • Yale Clergy Scholar Program graduate, Yale University

  •  Women's Leadership Institute graduate at Hartford International University (formerly Hartford Seminary).

  • Master's Certificate in Spirituality, Hartford Seminary

  • BSW,  bachelor's in social work,  University of Wisconsin

Learning  is ongoing. It is a lifelong expedition of  discovery, self-awareness, and fulfillment of your highest purpose.  I look forward to learning your story, and discovering  how we can work together as you turn the page to your next chapter!


Get started by booking a discovery session today!

To learn more about my sacred writing and blog storytelling ministry visit  DIVINEPORT

Discover the passion and purpose
 light your path to the next leg of  your legacy. 

Coach Rev. Janet Davenport

Branford Public Schools, Branford, CT

Cornell Scott  Hill Health Center, New Haven, CT

Conference of Churches, Hartford, CT

Ethel Walker School, Simsbury, CT

First Church - Center Church, Hartford, CT

Harriet Tubman Home, Auburn, NY 

Hartford Public Schools, Hartford, CT

Springfield Public Health Department, Springfield, MA

Verdant Multicultural Media, Northampton, MA

Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center, Litchfield, Conn. 

Workplace Success Group, Connecticut, USA

Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT

I turned to Davenport Coaching Solutions for help with prioritizing and managing work and family demands. Janet demonstrated a keen ability to listen deeply and to pose thought-provoking questions. We worked together on a plan of action that continued to help me after our sessions ended. 

Andre Barnett | Senior Production Editor

Maryland, USA

Janet is authentic and passionate. She understands the corporate culture and the various dynamics and personalities that are common in most workplaces.  As a result, she brings an honest, holistic approach to her executive coaching style. She gives you the space to ask yourself those tough, courageous questions about who you are and what you are hoping for. She meets you where you are and guides you through any tough situation.  Janet has equipped me with the tools needed so that I can face challenges more confidently.

Endia DeCordova | Institutional Advancement Executive Higher Ed

New Jersey, Connecticut, USA

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